7 Refreshing Ways to Stay Cool in Summer

7 Refreshing Ways to Keep Cool in Summer Summer. We crave it and celebrate it's coming. When it does, we look up at the sun, close our eyes and feel the heat warm our bones. But, after the summer solstice (and even earlier as the climate changes) the dog days of summer start to reign and we seek ever more outlets to cool off, cool down, and stay cool while doing so. Here in Durango, Colorado not only does it get hot in the summer, but the 90+ degree heat is powerful and penetrating at 6,512 [...]

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Summer Soirees with Sage Fresh Eats

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the mountains in beautiful Durango, Colorado are calling. And boy, are we ready for this season. Not to diss winter at all, which is also a most beloved season here, but these sunshine-filled summer days hold their own unique charm that makes us fall in love with time. We love long days and nights to star gaze, camp, hike, bike, and bask in both doing and not doing. And let’s be honest- we do summertime right in our town. Whether you take to the river for [...]

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April Blog — Five Ways to Feel Good About What You Eat

With so many diet crazes out there, it’s hard to know what foods are best to eat. Often eating healthy foods feels more like a chore than a tasty experience. What if you could not only love the taste of what you eat, but feel good about it too? Here are five ways to truly savor healthy meals. 1. Farm Fresh is Best Let's be honest, locally grown food just tastes better. This is due in part to the shorter travel time from farm to table. The taste difference between a store-bought tomato and a [...]

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