Environment and Sustainability

Our concept is built with environment and sustainability in mind. From product sourcing to solar, we consider the environmental impact in every decision we make.

Our 15kW solar array powers the bulk of our energy needs.

We partner with local farms to bring in the highest volume of local produce possible, whenever possible. Local agriculture creates local jobs and boosts our local economy, while improving our local soil and air quality. Local produce is more nutrient dense, utilizes less packaging, and requires minimal transport.

We source only 100% grass-fed beef, because grass-fed beef is healthier, better for the environment, and provides a better life for cows.

We source certified Humane Raised chicken. They are cage-free and never given antibiotics or hormones at any stage of development.

We source organic eggs, and are actively working to source local, pastured eggs.

We source Duroc all natural pork, and all natural turkey.

We are extremely careful and thoughtful in our procurement of take-out packaging, which has a significant environmental impact. We look at both front-line material sourcing, and back-line waste disposal. We consider what customers are likely to do with the product after use (recycle, landfill, etc). We don’t have commercial composting available in Durango, so we do not prioritize compostable plastics. When we use compostable plastics, it is only because we have deemed the front-line sourcing (corn starch, chalk) to be an improved impact over petroleum, in cases where consumers are less likely to recycle (like cutlery).

Soup Cups – paper base & lid, which is recyclable or can end up in a landfill with minimal decomposition time and minimal off-gassing.

Salad/Grain Bowls – made from bamboo and unbleached plant fiber. Generally these end up in a landfill with minimal decomposition time and minimal off-gassing. Fiber lids work the same. These are expensive & difficult to source. If you plan to dine-in, please use real dishware first. We’re happy to provide packaging if you have leftovers you’d like to take home. Plastic lids are made from corn – these are NOT recyclable and we typically only use these on large “Good to Go” and catering packaging.  They are made from renewable resources but the end-game isn’t great, so we try to minimize their use.

Straws – paper wrapped in paper. These mostly end up in a landfill with minimal decomposition time and minimal off-gassing. They ARE recyclable when relatively clean.

Cutlery – made from corn starch based plastic. These almost always end up in a landfill, so we focus on sustainable front-end sourcing from renewable materials. These eco-friendly products are subject to product supply issues since 2021. We try to source whenever possible, but sometimes have to fill in with traditional single-use plastic in the current supply chain environment.

Drink Cups – paper, both recyclable and quick decomposition in a landfill. Recyclable when clean. Lids are plastic and should be recycled.

Portion Cups – plant based fiber and bamboo, just like our salad bowls.

Sandwich Wrap – paper. We avoid clear plastic boxes to minimize waste on sandwich packaging.